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Today we reach new milestone - more than 500 users online! So our chat became one of the most popular cam chat in the internet.

Successful story of one guy with guitar

Yesterday I received e-mail from one of our chat user. He told thanks to our chat team for helping him met interesting girl. It is difficult to attract attention of pretty girl for long time, so out hero was extraordinary. He took his guitar and started play. Suchwise he met one interesting girl in chat. They added each other as a friend on facebook and now planning to meet offline

How to choose a webcam

There are huge amount of webcamera models. Price can starts from 5 dollars and ends with couple of thousand dollars. So if you want to safe your money, it's a good idea to nail down exactly what you need and what you don't. First parameter to check is frame rate per second, aka "fps". We suggest to have at least 15 fps to stream video. But better stay close to 30 fps. Second is screen resolution. It can be

  • 320 by 240 pixels. This is the lowest definition.
  • 640 by 480 pixels. This moderate definition is available in many webcams. Using such webcam you can made simple video clip and upload it to youtube.
  • 1280 by 960 pixels. Highest possible definition fo web camera. Best image quality.
At last, camera may have some additional features, like night mode, autofocus, and so on.

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